Got a Sneezing Fetish? Welcome to my Sneezing Fetish site!
sneezing fetish video

Click here to watch a video clip taken out of the sneezing fetish video:

If you love sexy female sneezing,
you have found the right site for your fetish!

Hi, my name is Vivian and for all you sneezing fans out there,
I made a special 30 minute video!


available on CD-ROM & VIDEO Tape (european PAL format).

Let me tell you a bit more about my sneezing fetish video:

I am tickling my nose with q-tips until I have to sneeze, then I pinch and stiffle my nose,
I am not blowing my nose. There are over 95 sneezes in the video. The video was made during 3-4 different sessions with different cam angles. It is non-adult, so no nudity.

Here are a few pictures taken out of the sneezing fetish video:
tickling nose sneezing nose blowing fetish sneeze fetish
sexy vivian sneezing female sneezing fetish order my sneezing fetish video sneeze admirers
Click here to watch a video clip taken out of the video:
The video can be yours for only $19.95 !

>>>>> Shipping charges: $6.95

Please contact me through Email if you would like to purchase my video.
Please also tell your friends about my site. I love to receive fan-mail :-)

If you are interested... I am offering different kind of videos as well.

Please send me an Email and ask me for my video list.

If you like to contact me, here is my email address:

Kisses, Vivian

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